Voting for the top virtualisation blogs of 2013

It’s that time of year again, Eric Siebert launched the new vLaunchpad top VMware/virtualization blogs survey and is asking you to vote for the best blogs on virtualization in 2013. Go to: and select your top 10 favourite blogs. 

This year my blogging was mostly about getting to know vSphere 5.1 and my first steps in to the world of VMware vCloud Director. With my vCloud Directory post I’ve written a lot about how vCloud Director networking isn’t always as straight forward as you think. Well at first it doesn’t look like it is easy but once you “get it”, you’ll learn to love it. These posts on VMware vCloud networking for dummies got a lot of attention this year:

Ive also stumbled a few times on bigger and smaller issues with vCloud. Have a look at these posts:

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