[Adv] StratoGen Beta program for VMware vCloud Director

Yesterday I received an e-mail from StratoGen asking me if I could help them find beta testers for their VMware vCloud Director beta program. Stratogen is struggling to find beta testers that can really push this new platform to the limits. In particular they are looking for power users familiar with building complex environments using VPNs, inter-vApp networking and tiered storage.

Here is the official announcement:

StratoGen are pleased to announce the start of our beta program which will provide valuable feedback on our implementation of the next version of VMware vCloud Director. Beta testing underpins all of our product launches and is crucial in our ability to provide services that lead the hosted VMware market whilst remaining highly resilient. In this program we are particularly interested in working with experienced “power users” who are familiar with VPNs, complex internetworking and able to fully utilize vCloud services. By participating in this program you agree to be contacted on a periodic basis to provide feedback on usability and platform performance. In return you will be one of the first to use this exciting new technology, and allocated temporary resources on our Denver, USA based enterprise platform.

If you would like to take part in the program please visit http://www.stratogen.com/products/vmware-hosting.html and follow the link for the Beta program to register your interest.