Presentation: Hyper-V vs ESX in the datacenter

This is the revisted version. My companies logo has been removed from the PDF’s of the presentations since we don’t publish reports like this in a way for example Gartner does. If you have been using the previous versions, please delete them and use these new ones without logo’s.

In November 2008, I’ve written three articles on a comparison of Hyper-V vs ESX which attracted quite a number of readers.

Hyper-V, not in my datacenter (part 1 – Hardware)

Hyper-V, not in my datacenter (part 2: Guest OS and Memory overcommit)

Hyper-V, not in my datacenter (part 3: Motions and storage)

Lately I received some requests to do a presentation on these articles before a live audience (everybody was strip-searched before entering the room). I created the presentation and have presented it a number of times now and received good responses on it. A number of people asked me to put it online, so here it is.

There are two versions, one in dutch and one in english (many thanks to Wil van Antwerpen for the translation):

VMware ESX vs Hyper-V DU v2

VMware ESX vs Hyper-V DU v2

And the english version:

VMware ESX vs Hyper-V EN v2

VMware ESX vs Hyper-V EN v2

6 thoughts on “Presentation: Hyper-V vs ESX in the datacenter

  1. Nice presentation. I would like to add that apart from saving 4TB of diskspace in the example given the storage admins are going to love you for the fact that they have 675 less LUN’s to configurate, monitor and control.

  2. Hey Gabe.
    Decent presentation. Keep up the good work. Too bad some tables cover some lines of text though.

    For the next time, try to be more consistent in English and Dutch usage. In some slides you use both languages. I know this technical stuff is almost impossible to translate without having it look or sound stupid. I think it works well if you make your slides in English and still speak Dutch. That way it all looks a bit better.

    But as always, you provide quality work.


  3. Hey

    Nice presentation. Any chance you could translate it to english.

    Keep it up


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