Notes from the Partner Exchange day

The partner day at VMworld is not the most exciting day for the techies amongst us, it is mostly about sales and the big announcements are usually made in the Tuesday keynote. So it started with registration and getting the bag and meeting a lot of people from the communities, fellow bloggers and of course quite a number of tweeps. Nice meeting you all!

First session of today was of course the keynotes. My report from the keynotes can be found at “VMworld Partner day – Super Session -live report” .

After the keynotes and lunch, I visited some labs and listened to some sales session. I was pleasently surprised by a demo of Application Discovery Manager (ADM). With ADM you will be able to discover the applications in virtual environment as well as your physical environment. I’m definitely going to checkout the product info on the VMware website.

I also heared talk that tomorrow (Tuesday) VMware will make a new announcement regarding their the acquisition of Integrien. Since the acquisition itself has already been announced at VMworld SF 2010, I’m wondering what they will talk about tomorrow. I doubt it will be the release of a product based on Integrien.

There will also be the presentation of vCloud Request Manager. vCloud Request Manager provides enterprises with enhanced governance and control of vCloud Director based Private Clouds. See more at Eric Sloofs blog:

Today I also worked through three lab sessions. Two of them deserve a special mention: “vCloud Director” (LAB013) which was a very good lab to get more acquainted with vCD. The second one is ThinApp v4.6, because I have always been playing with ThinApp, but never got to the more in-deep parts like linking apps or virtualizing Internet Explorer 6. It took me about 3min to virtualize the complete IE6 package. I posted a video here

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