Building a VMworld schedule… it’s hard

After skipping VMword Las Vegas, I’m very much looking forward to VMworld Copenhagen. Today I created my schedule and boy it was hard to choose between the many good sessions. A good start to build your schedule is this list provided by Duncan Epping which holds a number of deep technical sessions. But you’ll soon discover that there are many conflicts, so you’ll have to make some hard decisions.

I copied Duncan’s list and added the time slots to make it easier to select a session and I also added the “Attend” column to show you what my choices are. As I said, some tough choices because I would have loved to see Frank, Eric and Luc and “He Who Shall Be Named PowerCLI Man” on stage, but I hope reading their blogs and of course read the “VMware vSphere 5 Clustering technical deepdive” book will make up a little for not seeing the sessions.

Attend Session-ID Schedule Title Speaker(s)
YES BCO2874 Tue 09:00 vSphere High Availability 5.0 and SMP Fault Tolerance – Technical Overview and Roadmap Keith Farkas, Jim Chow
VSP1882 Tue 09:00 Managing VMware ESXi with VMware vSphere PowerCLI Luc Dekens, Alan Renouf
BCO2479 Tue 10:30 Understanding VMware vSphere Stretched Clusters, Disaster Recovery and Planned Workload Mobility Lee Dilworth, Chad Sakac
YES EUC2866 Tue 10:30 View Troubleshooting: Looking Under the Hood John Dodge, Matt Coppinger
VSP1999 Tue 10:30 esxtop for Advanced Users Krishna Raj Raja
VSP3067 Tue 10:30 Myth Busters Eric Sloof, Mattias Sundling
VSP3116 Tue 10:30 VMware vSphere 5.0 Resource Management Deep Dive Frank Denneman, Valentin Hamburger
BCO3334 Tue 12:00 Site Recovery Manager Future Product Directions: Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Nestor Dusko, Ashwin Kotian
YES CIM1264 Tue 12:00 Private VMware vCloud Architecture Technical Deep Dive Chris Colotti, David Hill
CIM2452 Tue 13:30 VMware vCenter Operations Technical Deepdive Kit Colbert
YES VSP1883 Tue 13:30 VMware vSphere PowerCLI Best Practices Luc Dekens, Alan Renouf
YES VSP1933 Wed 10:30 Storage I/O Control for Network-Attached Storage Datastores Ajay Gulati
YES VSP3205 Wed 12:00 Technology Preview: VMware vStorage APIs for VM and Application Granular Data Management Satyam Vaghani, Vijay Ramachandran
YES VSP2447 Wed 13:30 Understanding Virtualized Memory Performance Management YP Chien, Kit Colbert
YES VSP1682 wed 15:00 vSphere Clustering Q&A Frank Denneman, Chris Colotti, Duncan Epping
VSP2894 Wed 15:00 Virtual Distributed Switch Best Practices Vyenkatesh Deshpande
CIM1600 Wed 16:30 VMware vCloud Networking Finally Explained Kamau Wanguhu
VSP2122 Wed 16:30 VMware vMotion in VMware vSphere 5.0: Architecture, Performance and Best Practices Sreekanth Setty, Gabriel Tarasuk-Levin
YES VSP3255 Wed 16:30 VMware Storage vMotion Deep Dive and Best Practices Min Cai, Ali Mashtizadeh
YES VSP1700 Thu 12:30 VMware vSphere 5.0 Storage Features Cormac Hogan
YES EUC2846 Thu 14:00 VMware View Enterprise Architecture Design and Implementation Best Practices Tommy Walker, John Dodge
VSP1823 Thu 14:00 VMware Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler Manish Lohani, Mustafa Uysal
VSP2376 Thu 14:00 Performance and Scalability Enhancements in VMware vStorage VMFS 5 Mostafa Khalil

Except for the sessions recommended by Duncan, I also added:

Attend Session-ID Schedule Title Speaker(s)
YES PAR2368 Mon 13:00 What’s new with vSphere Licensing and Pricing Rory Choudhuri
YES PAR2377 Mon 14:30 Accelerate Desktop Virtualization Sales
YES PAR2496 Mon 16:00 Success in Virtualizing Business Critical Applications Iain Buchan

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