New design for GabesVirtualWorld

After running the “Private Investigator” design, a film noir theme, for almost 2 years, it was time for a redesign. I asked my good twitter friend Jenneke van Wijngaarden (@JennekePenneke) for help and ideas. Jenneke is well known for her graffiti art on walls and paintings, but she had never before created a design for a website. Nevertheless she took her pencil and drew a few designs and after looking at the beautiful curves of the lady in red, I just had to choose for the design you’re currently looking at.

Jenneke is very experienced on several disciplines in art and is able to work with a broad range of techniques, but she just loves street art, the graffiti culture and its use of materials. Not only is Jenneke a great artist, she also runs a local art acadamy in a small town called Wilnis, where childern, adults and companies visit to participate in the courses she offers. Jenneke helps them to develop the artist inside everyone. In every profession, every fase of ones life the development of creativity is an enrichment for men and society. Jenneke offers a creative breathing place for many, art lessons for kids, youngsters and adults. Inspiring workshops for individuals and companies. Dorpsacademy Mus & Muzen is playful, professional, creative, innovative, warm and personal. With freedom and respect for the individual and love for all artistic expressions as key principles.Have a look at more of Jenneke’s work at: and
Jenneke van Wijngaarden